Service in the Texas Highway Patrol



Texas DPS Academy Class A-80

January 7 – May 9, 1980

Front Row ( all rows L-R):  Jim Taylor, Director of Training Academy, Roger Leathers, Recruit School Coordinator, Earl Petropoulos, Larry Secrest, Phillip Waldrup, Max Stahl, David Dudley, Fred Walker, Dwayne Pruett, James Johnson, Alvin Lewis, Sgt. Robert Andrews, Sgt. Richard Lenoir, Sgt. Fred Little

Second Row:  John LaRocque, Rafael Hernandez, Scott Finch, Joe Prescella, James Tucker, David Sligh, Ken Havins, Michael Mote, George Sisneros, Timothy Ray, Johnny Sherwood, James Savage, Rocky Wardlow

Third Row:  Joe Frias, Larry Watson, Michael Heitkamp, Stacy Nobles, Pedro Lozano, Alfredo Garcia, Jose Hernandez, Luis Carrillo, Gregory Bedford, Barry Goines, George Thomas, Tom Prudom, Kenneth Miniard

Fourth Row:  Douglas Vance, Rene Garza, Federico Castillo, John Brannon, Felipe Escobedo, Johnny Hirst, Dave Holden, Carey Booker, Mark Byrd, Charles Derrick, John Perdue, Clif Floyd, Joey Gordon, Jude Schexnyder

Fifth Row:  Lucio Flores, Frank Frausto, Rene Munoz, Richard Najera, John Fields, Israel Pacheco, Praxedis Flores, Jose Cortines, Lambert Cantu, Bill Fort, Paul Cullum, Don Graham, Larry Martin, Scott Haag, Kevin Vreeland

Sixth Row:  Mike Cowie, Glenden Hunt, Michael Brown, Johnny Bekkelund, Marcus McCormick, James Lasater, Roberto Garza, Michael Fincher, Monte Grimes, Kenneth Reynolds, Tom Selman, Charles Woods, John Hughes

Tom Selman 106

Graduation Day from DPS Academy – May 9, 1980

with Norman Zator parents, Director James Adams and DPS Commissioner Charles Nash

Reporting to Woodville, Texas in Highway Patrol one week later

Favorite DPS Academy Classmates – Jim Savage and Jude Schexnyder. No two better to be found anywhere. Great guys.

Graduation Program for Academy Class A-1980 – May 9, 1980

Beaumont District Unit Radio Number List for Highway Patrol – June, 1980

THP Diboll – With my partner, Barry Caver, at Diboll Day in Old Orchard Park – October 1982 shortly after transfer to Sgt Area 2B5, Lufkin from 2B4, Livingston

At Joe’s Lake outside Spurger, Texas for Spring, 1983 Beaumont District Pistol Shoot – Area 2B5, Lufkin Troopers

Front (L-R) – Trooper Bo Dunkin, Trooper Rocky Thigpen, Trooper Tom Selman, Trooper Barry Caver

Back (L-R) – Beaumont District Captain B.F. Wade, Beaumont District Lieutenant James Fife, Lufkin Trooper George Conner, Houston Region Commander Major A.J. Mladenka

THP Sgt. Area 2B5, Lufkin – 1983

Front (L-R) – Trooper Keith Barbier, Trooper Bo Dunkin, Trooper Howard Malone, Trooper George Conner, Trooper Steve Sikes, Sgt. Dale Nicholson

Back (L-R) – Trooper Rocky Thigpen, Trooper Harold Goggans, Trooper Tom Selman, Trooper Mike Lazarine, Trooper Barry Caver

August, 1984 – Received my ’84 Ford Mustang, Unit F4-443. A happy day, finally done with the slow cars.

Fall 1984 Beaumont District Pistol Shoot – Polk County Range in Moscow North District Squad Troopers Barry Caver, Tom Selman, Mike Scales, Jim Miller and Beaumont District Captain Wayne Pullen

Joe’s Lake in Spurger, Texas – 1985 Beaumont District Spring Pistol Shoot – Area 2B5 had a bad day

Front – Sgt. Dale Nicholson and Beaumont District Captain Wayne Pullen

Back – Trooper Bo Dunkin, Trooper Harold Goggans, Trooper Barry Caver, Trooper Tom Selman

Joe’s Lake in Spurger, Texas – 1985 Beaumont District Spring Pistol Shoot Captured Third Place in the Shoot