Tom Selman 801

Had Robert Whippy of Eastbourne, England along on patrol in July, 2015.  Robert spent two weeks in Lufkin as an exchange student sponsored by the Lufkin Rotary Club.


Made a patrol flight with Pilot A.J. Mason (left) and Bo Dunkin, Tactical Flight Officer, of the Texas DPS Aircraft Section.  Bo was a long time trooper in Angelina County and is currently stationed in Houston with the Region 2 aircraft crew.  Helicopter pictured was stationed in Longview at the time but has since been transferred to the Rio Grande Valley to support DPS border operations.


Houston Helicopter that Bo Dunkin works out of


Tom Selman 2450

With Corporal Rocky Thigpen of the DPS Highway Patrol at the Angelina County Courthouse – 2014

Crime Stoppers Pistol Shoot

Tom Selman 91

Receiving trophy from Crime Stoppers at annual Shootout in 2009.  Crime Stoppers Board Member Allan Riddle presenting.

A few of my cars from down through the years

Tom Selman

2016 Dodge Charger

Angelina Constable 2

2013 Dodge Charger

Angelina Constable

2011 Chevy Caprice

Angelina Constable

2010 Chevy Tahoe


2009 Ford Crown Victoria

Angelina Constable

2005 Ford Crown Victoria


Burley Kids

Had the pleasure of reading to a class at Burley Elementary

Rio Grande Valley Trip to DPS Border Headquarters

Tom Selman 95

Accompanied Sheriff Woody Wallace (center) and Sheriff Greg Sanches (right) to the Rio Grande Valley on invitation from the DPS.  Toured the Border Operations Command Center and went on a patrol run up the Rio Grande with the DPS Tactical Marine Unit on one of the their gunboats and border flight with Aircraft Section.

DPS Tactical Marine Boat

Tom Selman 104

Politicians Visit Lufkin

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz & Allen West

Tom Selman 103

Good friend and former DPS Academy classmate Dwayne Pruett dies from Cancer in Lufkin.  Pruett was a Trooper on the Highway Patrol and moved to Lufkin while serving as a Sergeant with DPS CID in the old Motor Vehicle Theft Division.  Pruett had retired from DPS.

83 and Pruett_0

Dwayne Pruett, THP Austin with one of, if not the very first, Texas Highway Patrol Mustang in 1983

Dwayne Pruett

Trooper Dwayne Pruett in Texas DPS Academy

Dwayne Pruett

Dwayne Pruett drove this 1982 Mustang that Ford provided for a field test to the Texas Highway Patrol as the DPS considered buying the first batch of Mustangs from Ford Motor Company.

Tom Selman 93

Great friend from DPS Academy days – Jim Savage, a fantastic former Highway Patrol Trooper, THP Austin and retired Agent in federal law enforcement with the United States Secret Service.  Jim was in Lufkin to attend our DPS Academy classmate and mutual friend Dwayne Pruett’s funeral.


Tom Selman 92

Talking to Sergeant Tripp Vicknair during a stand-off call with Lufkin PD



First officer on scene at Ultra-Light Aircraft crash south of Lufkin off Old Diboll Highway.  Pilot was banged up a little but there was not much left after hitting power transmission lines.


30 Pounds

Captured a dude on a traffic stop for speeding on Highway 59 that was transporting 30 pounds of weed in 2012.



My friend Barry Saucier, who is currently an investigator for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, made a highway stop that netted $93,000 in cash in March of 2002.  Saucier was a Sergeant at the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office and a great narcotics investigator.


Had the distinct honor, in 2002 while serving as President of Crime Stoppers of Lufkin, to present Crime Stopper’s Community Service Award (Officer of the Year) to Barry Saucier of the Angelina County Sheriff’s Department.  Saucier was a very successful drug interdiction operator and worked Highway 59 through Angelina County.  Saucier is pictured with retired former sheriff Kent Henson and Mark Lowery (right) of Texas State Bank who sponsored the award.

Tom Selman Crime Stoppers

While president of Crime Stoppers of Lufkin, presented outgoing Board Secretary Pat Eubanks in about 1998 with an award recognizing her service to Crime Stoppers of Lufkin.  With now retired Lufkin PD Lieutenant Greg Denman who was the coordinator at the time.


Presented Trooper at the time Kevin Malone an award from Crime Stoppers of Lufkin for professionalism in law enforcement around 2003.


Getting sworn in to start 3rd four year term on January 1, 2013.

Greg Sanches, with Justice of the Peace Billy Ball, after taking the Oath of Office to begin his service as sheriff of Angelina County on January 1, 2013.

GS 1_0

Trooper Greg Sanches with his new 1995 Chevrolet Caprice patrol unit.


Bo Dunkin Impala

Bo Dunkin, Trooper with DPS Highway Patrol in Lufkin, pictured with his new 2000 Chevy Impala above that was replaced by his 2002 Chevy Camaro (below)

Bo Dunkin Camaro